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By: min pretty peeks

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Wednesday, 20-Jun-2007 04:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ natural light : sidelighting +

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not long time ago a friend / client of mine asked me to shoot for her gubahan hantaran biz. well, of course, for me to shoot i had to charge her the lowest professional fee that i could. but i also taught her how to shoot her hantarans should budget is her constrain. and insyaallah she will get a professional-look result.

despite the powerful capability of expensive studio lighting equipments, there's nothing that can compete with the ultimate lighting source.... and best of all.. it's FREE! hehehhe.. i'm talking about the sun here.. created by God for His weak photographer servants.. hehehehe... i learnt this when i was doing my practical at Sulik Design Consultants. thanks en sulik! ( aka muniandy / ramasamy / ah beng photo etc at this fotopage.. heheheh ).

if u're using a compact camera, then it would be easier! set your shooting mode to non-flash mode, set the ISO to manual - preferably ISO 100 or the lowest u can go and let your camera set the other variables i.e. aperture / speed etc. place your subject next to a window or an opened door. for this shot, i placed min jr. in front of our house door with the lights coming in lighting his side.. hehehe.. and to enhance the contrast, i tried to make the background as dark as possible by switching off any lights and covering any other light source. ada jugak some photographers like to place reflectors to the left ( in this case, your right ) just to highlight a bit the darker side.. well.. its up to u how u want ur pic to look at the end of the day.. but do have fun!!!

and one more thing, if u're shooting your baby, make sure u're always on the alert as their expression can change within seconds! so be alert!


ps : azril ada running nose masa shoot nih.. hence the running nose.. ciannn dia.. heheheh

Monday, 18-Jun-2007 10:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ father & son +

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recently during the Disney On Ice "Finding Nemo" show which was held at the indoor stadium bukit jalil, pretty peektures were appointed as the official photographer for the show. basically we were asked to cover all the VVIPs who attended the week-long show & a bit from the show as well. it has been a long while since i covered an event like this, but hey, it's fun!

the story of finding nemo, well, i must admit it, quite touching! ( i have never seen the movie.. so it was my first time with finding nemo )... a story of a father & his ( or its .. hehe ) son, how a lil' adventurous clown fish named nemo who ventured out on its own despite being advised not to by the daddy, with countless dangerous encounters with nasty predators, having all sorts of problems, captured but finally rescued at the end by the brave dad. phew! all in one night's show! cool!

reminding me of my little azril. will i go all out for him through his thick & thin? will i go high & low to fulfill his needs? will i be there should he needs me?

YES. since day 1.. and till the day of my last breath. i've been there & forever will.. hehehe...

finding azril.


ps : more peeks can be viewed at our event@prettypeek's page!

Tuesday, 12-Jun-2007 10:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark

nowadays the subject of papa's camera tak lain tak bukan ialah si kecik ni.. hehehe.. since taktau nak update ape dah, so update ajelah this one. but this photo was taken by my sis-in-law ( effa's sis ) who is an air stewardess with air asia. still single... sapa mau hp no. dia? ahahahaha

azril plak tau tau aje nak senyum bila nda chu ( the name all the nieces & nephew called her ) nak amik gambar dia.. bagus! well trained by papa! kakaka

Wednesday, 23-May-2007 01:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ time ! time! time ! +

yeay yeay! nak gi jalaaaan!
mama.. always ready utk bejalan.. hehehe
nak gi mana ni papa?
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+ time is such a commodity these days. weekends shooting or meeting up clients, normal days doing albums & meeting up clients, "where got time?" <--a reply to astro's MAX commercial.. hahahaha.. and i still couldn't understand why some people think wedding photographers " ahh.. best la ko ehh.. hari biasa rilek, wiken je kerja... " -kind of people ... erghh... sucks! +

+ these peeks were taken after i got off a wedding one sunday evening. did not actually planned to have a stroll down the park that day but since the place we were going just next to the park, well, what the heck! and since papa still got a few megs left from the shoot before, so dapatlah amik gambar sikit2 ni. hehehehe.. +

to mama.. next time we plan for a proper outing ok!

Wednesday, 9-May-2007 11:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ thank you mak, ayah, mama, azril! +


+ a few days ago, as i was browsing through heaps of photo DVDs to find some of the best photos to appear at our official fotopages, suddenly i came across the first photo above. mak + ayah. quite difficult to describe the feeling but somehow rather i couldn't help myself for being proud to be what i am today. well... not that successful yet pun but if you look around, how many other full time wedding photographers are there running around actively? and how many of them, well, had the opportunity to shoot some of the best celebrities & royalties around? ( norzie pak wan chek & aidid, noorkhiriah, ida moin, siti nurdiana, nasrizal ngasri, aishah sinclair, dr fazley, puteri imee* ( granchild of tuanku sultan pahang ) and the list goes on : thank you God! ). and the best part during this function ( where i took this photo with mak + ayah ), i had the opportunity to choreograph 4 photographers & 3 videographers for that function. phew! hope mak + ayah can be proud of me, even just for a lil' bit. yeah, they're quite skeptical in the very beginning but now, i hope, they can understand where my passion lies.... terima kasih, mak, ayah.

from CINTA the movie

" bukan senang nak dapat teman hidup yang sanggup terima baik buruk kita, sanggup berkorban untuk kita, sanggup hidup bersama hingga ke akhir hayat.... "

my love of my life. baby. ida. effa. mama. all refers to my only love of my life. glad i've found her. think she's the only one who could understand me. for all the support she has showered me. she has loooooong been my vertebrae. through thick & thin. thanks sayang. luv ya so much.... hope we could withstand alllllll the ups & downs in this life together. and oh, no worries, i still owe you your birthday present! hehehehe

to azril, papa always try to set a good example for u. papa tahu papa is not perfect but nevertheless, u'll always be my utmost priority. always imagined to be a cool papa. hang out together at mamak one day watching
Man U play ( yes, it's our team, syg! ), watch movies together, go play basketball 1 on 1, sheeesh! can't wait for you to grow up! hehehehe. and most importantly, i hoped you can be seorang anak yg soleh because that is the most important bekalan for papa when i'm not around anymore.

in short ( mcm tak short je.. hahaha ), thank you mak, ayah, mama, azril for everything. love all of you! muaaaahs! +

+ n o r a z m i n m d n o r +

*million thanks to ariff of ariff thani photography for the shoot!

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