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By: min pretty peeks

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Sunday, 13-Apr-2008 21:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ go red devils! hahaha +


sorry ma, better luck next time kot? huhuhuu

more membebel at my blog : http://peeksbymin.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 8-Apr-2008 20:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ my blog +

hey all!

jemput-jemput lah to visit my newly set up blog @ http://peeksbymin.blogspot.com

wish me luck to update them quite often ya! hahaha.. takmau lah nanti orang kata " hot-hot chicken droppings " aje! . see you guys there!

+ m i n +

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+ we snap pretty pictures! +


well, thats what i can think of to be put in the speech bubble when i was drafting out the design. . sorrylah kalau tak best sangat.

according to the wikipedia, " The Proton Satria was a hatchback produced by Proton. Production started in 1995 for the first generation and ended in 2005. The new Satria Replacement Model (SRM), known as Proton Satria Neo was launched on 16 June 2006. The name Satria which means knight in Sanskrit was chosen for Proton's 3-door hatchback to reflect the sportiness of the car."

its a knight, it is. a true knight for me, at least.

i still remember back in 1998 when i was commuting back & forth between my hostel & lecture hall on my sister's mountain bike. soon fatigue crept in ( not to mention the less-stylo it felt hahaha ) and soon after, unknown to my parents, i bought a scooter using the whole semester's allowance, leaving enough money to survive for a couple of days. ( yes, DAYS! ). alhamdulillah by then i was already doing some freelance graphic design jobs for a book publisher in JB, so makan-makan plus petrol and other expenses were not quite a burden to me ( but kadang-kadang when my sister phoned in, ada jugak 'bantuan kemanusiaan' yang akan dibank-inkan.. hahah, tq kaklin! ). however, the news broke to my parents and bham!!! i had to sold off my cute blue suzuki v100 and made to drive my dad's 1971 VW Beetle.

it was a cool ride after all ! hehehe.. the sound of the engine really made head turns everytime i passed by the bus stop. huhuhu.. i luv the bug but nevertheless, the maintenance was killing me and there were no less than 5 breakdowns everytime i went back & fro KL. adoi...

so during one hari raya in 2001, i told my dad to buy a new car. " whattt?? a student? new car??? " huhuhu.. my dad is a pensioner and getting a loan was quite impossible. furthermore, who would pay for the monthly installment? but i am adamant to get a new car and i'm not someone who can be easily talked down. i proved i could settle the monthly installment via my freelance job ( and after emptying my savings from my freelance jobs for the deposit ) and alhamdulillah, after not so much hassle with the bank, my new knight ( but not in a shining armour, hahaha ) came to the rescue. huhuhu..

after 7 long years and with its mileage reaching 220K km already, there are no states within peninsular malaysia it hasn't gone to and it has even reached the singapore shores. countless trips from JB-KL-JB during my student days were hassle-free ( thank God! ) and it has been ferrying me almost every day since then.

but now, time has changed and the two-door ( not-so-shiny anymore )car would not suffice for a little family like mine. thus, its duty as my day-to-day carrier has been taken over by a four-door one and its fate looked gloomy. but i never wanted to sell it off. it's because this knight somehow a symbol of hard work for me. right from its down payment, its upkeep and its installments, all were paid with these laboring two hands right from my student days till now. and at the end of the day, it's not just a car anymore. it's more like a friend. suddenly, an idea sprang to me! and straight to the drawing board i went! hehehe

and last week, the 7 year old trusty knight has been entrusted with another new assignment. hehehe.. to advertise pretty peektures while ferrying me or my staff around! instead of its original red paint, the knight is shiny again, this time in purple & black. insya allah this knight will be used during assignments from now on!

to effa my dearest wife, thank u so much for your approval ( CFO kan.. huhuhu ) and your support! muahhs!!!



Wednesday, 2-Apr-2008 16:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ from around the fotopages +

hehehe.. since i have nothing much to share with you guys, well, here are some entries about me on fotopages. to PEJAL and TUTIE, thanks guys!

+++ from pejal's fotopages at http://pejals.fotopages.com tak perasan pun ada org shoot kita balik! cis cis cis! anyway, congrats guyss!!

+++ from tutie's fotopages at http://tutcute.fotopages.com .. lain kali nak ikut lagi?

cheers guys!


Friday, 14-Mar-2008 14:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ cuti-cuti kejap +

not by papa's camera :-(
lepas je menunaikan tanggungjawab sebagai rakyat malaysia yg bertanggungjawab ( undi adalah rahsia! hahaha ), off we went on a train to singapore! hehehe.. actually it was quite an unplanned trip. not really we planned months and months ahead for this trip but we were sort of tagging along with kak ti, effa's sister and her family. so off we went for a two nation adventure. after singapore, we hit batam, just to know whats the fuss is all about: cheap handphones etc etc, rasanya takdelah cheap mana pun.. heheheh

just wished i could have more holidays like this, but unfortunately at the moment, PP is my top priority. even as i upload this entry, i am doing it from an inn in pasir tumboh, kelantan. who says kelantan mundur?? kalau tak takkan lah inn yg ceruk mcm ni pun ada very very very good broadband wifi facility? hehehhe

anyway, got to have lots of rest now.. besok nak menembak di tengah sawah! heheheh

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