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By: min pretty peeks

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Wednesday, 21-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
asrul + lily | from bandar diraja | 17th sep '05

hello kuala! hehehe.. im here again..
but not for this, unfortunately.. :P
but for this! jeng jeng jeng
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++ it was a fine day and the angin kuala bertiup sepoi-sepoi bahasa.. it was such a nice setting and it complimented the event that had took place at this royal town of perak -- the unity of asrul + lily...

no lah, the pengantin arrived on time ( the captions tu kisah dongeng semata2 .. ) and everything went smoothly from A to Z. just a little letdown when we headed out to have some shots taken at the house balcony, hujan pulak start turun.. and it's lebat ok! anyway, managed to grab a few shots walaupun hujan dah start turun rintik-rintik that time..

to asrul + lily, congraaaatulations u guys! hope u guys will be happy ever after okeh!

cheers ++

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Tuesday, 20-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ farhanah datuk abu sujak & bucqharri mohd yusof| 4th sept 05 +

di bandaraya ini..
dimana terletaknya kediaman ini..
yups.. couldn't agree more :)
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++ hehehe.. another couple who initially met virtually thru mirc! who says internet chatting is a waste of time?

this entry shall be followed by another 2 -- one at concorde shah alam + another at dewan suk..

a million of thanks goes to jie who recommended me to her lil' sister. i really appreciate the trust given to me and my associates to capture your sis' big day! also a million of thanks to the whole family for the hospitality, datuk abu sujak and datin wan norseha, dina, zahida, abg pa'ih, dira, abg nadzim, najmi, eva, daud, lutfi, elany, nabilah + ahmad zuhdi. not to forget the little ones who made the days more colourful: adilah, adam, hud abbas, rizq + maryam. ( hope i get everyone's name correct ) anyway, this is the first time i saw + tasted a father's cooking on his daughter's akad nikah day. it is so unique!

to bucq & far, congrats guys! hope your future life together shall be full with joy + happiness...

cheers! ++

+ min +
ps: watch out for more entries from far+bucq --> at concorde + dewan suk, shah alam

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Monday, 19-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ TM & TN | azirull & idayu | klang | 4th september 2005 +

minggu lepas, mereka telah diijabkabulkan...
dengan riangnya...
agaknya kanak2 ni semua...
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++ one is a takaful nasional financial consultant and another is a TM's sales executive. together they made up the 'T' couple! heheheh... just joking guys

solemnized a week earlier in kg pasir, jb, the couple were celebrated in a meriah reception by azirull's family at kg padang jawa, klang. suddenly when i came here, i can almost feel the suspense of taking the 'P' licence back in '98. ahahaha.. " tangan tu lain kali letak dua-dua kat stereng! " scolded the jpj officer when one of my hands were on the gear knob instead of on the steering. ahahahaha...

back to the wedding.. ahaha.. idayu is a sales exec with TM and an ex-student of MMU..azirull pulak ( alamak .. lupa nak tanya where did he studied ) studied from a local U and currently a financial consultant with TN ~~ i guess its from the takaful business where this two loving couple finally met. so for anyone who haven't signed up on any PA or any other form of insurance, do not hesitate to give them a call

to the loving couple azirull & idayu, selamat pengantin baru! ~~ semoga kekal ke anak cucu and sentiasa berbahagia selalu ...


+ min +

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Monday, 12-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ odi & ila | the terengganu-s'pore express | 3rd Sept '05 ++

di hari ini...seorang wanita..
sedang disaluti dengan bahan-bahan ini.. :P
semuanya kerana ini...
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++ why 'terengganu-singapore express' is the title of this entry? well, its just an idea, since the bride is all the way from 'ganu kite' and the groom is from pasir ris of 'kota singa'. org melayu kata apa tu... ikan ape ntah, satu from here, another from there.. dalam kuali jugak bertemu.. ingat2 lupe lah.. hehehe, looks like it really suits this couple!

thank u so much to everybody, be it from the bride's side ( MPFC.. ahahah ) or the groom's family in S'pore whom i know are anxiously waiting for these pics. ( specially dedicated to : kak ana, kak shidah, makcik kiah, nana & all family members in s'pore ).. as i shoot more than 500 pics on that day, i think it will be more satisfying to see the pics printed in the albums rather than looking at the limited shots here.. hehe.. so cepat2 mintak ila balik singapore and show u guys the albums k?

in the mean time, sebelum ila balik ke s'pore membawa ole2 dari hari perkahwinan tu, please browse at some of the pics i have uploaded here just for u guys... hehehe... enjoy!

+ min +

Thanks a lot Min, gambar & jalan cerita kena betul lah.. hehehe.. hehehe..

"With pleasure, both of us would like to thank Min (pretty peektures) & Liza (Primapersona) for all lovely photos and creativity done on our wedding day . You both have done a very great job. I’m satisfied with your work throughout the event"

~ because a photo is worth a thousand words ~

p/s:- ucapan ini di taip sebelom kuching diserang
Odi & Ila

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Sunday, 11-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ Merdeka Special : Norlita & Noor Azman | 31 August '05 ++

di dewan yang ala-ala berkabus harini..
there shall be a reception..
where the cake is ready...
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++ 31st august will not only be remembered as the malaysian independence day but more for the loving couple noor azman & norlita. solemnized on the 18th of august, the reception at dewan perdana felda was held to celebrate the knot tied between the two souls with close families and friends. the couple met thru the mirc in 2004 and later after a few family visits, they decided to get engaged in april 2005 and tied the wedding knot in august. betullah kata orang, hal-hal jodoh ni mmg di tangan Tuhan and how meet people can be in soooo many ways, hehehe, bringing me an idea, kalau buat one section on the net somewhere, on "How Do You Meet Your Spouse?", mcm best.. hehehe.. can share stories maa..

oklah.. for norlita and azman, i would like to congratulate the both of you, semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki & murah jugak cahaya mata.. dan cahaya-cahaya lainnn.. heheheh

cheeeerrss! ++

lead photographer | prettypeektures
hp : +6013 391 2911
ym : mrikan

photographer : min

thank you very much for ur work. Ur work is superrrbbbb. Without u we dont think our wedding photos will be like this. thank you!!!

pengantin baru | lita + azman

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