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Saturday, 10-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ idayati & zahrylzam ++ 20th august ++ ampang ++

the bride is getting readyyy..
dengan riangnya...
dengan deretan kasut-kasutnya...
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++ reception for the lovely couple ida & zahryl were held at the bride's residence kat ampang. i thot the couple must be a pretty 'environment-loving' couple as the theme was green,. hehehe... but nice color choice guys! tak banyak pengantin yg choose green as theme anymore... so at least unique la sikit right? hehehe..

i would like to apologise to ida & zahryl as i couldn't cover your weddings personally. however, in the safe and skillful hands of PP's associates e.g. fairuz for this entry and palie for akad nikah, i'm assuring you that your album will be superb , just wait and see yer! ( waitnya tu tak lama lagi, within this week je .. heheheh )

in the mean time, enjoy the pics and congrats again guys! ++

lead photographer | prettypeektures

photographer : fairuz

Sunday, 4-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ from negeri jelapang padi : fariza halim & nadmin badri ++

mai cek oi cek maiii.. kita ke negeri kedahhh...
for this event...
apelagi if not for...wedding!!! heheh :)
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+++ on the 27th of august, it was an evening full of sweet memories for the sweet couple fariza halim & nadmin badri... celebrated at the alor setar's seri malaysia hotel, friends and families came in full throng leaving the spacious 'dewan malinja' little space to move around. emcee for the evening was the aunt of fariza, mak ngah zah and among the ones who gave speech addressing the couple and guests were tuan halim - fariza's father and paksu ed.

nozie ( the elder sister who engaged me for the assignment and my 'agent' for the night ) would like to take this opportunity to thank all the 'behind-the-scene' manpower : Bibi, Pak SuNan, Mak Long, Pak Long, Mak Lang, Pak Lang, Mak ngah Zah, Pak Ngah Det, Pak Su Ed, Pak cik Syukri, Mak cik Ani,  Mak Teh Fuziah & Pak Teh. She would also like to thank the other siblings - Amat, Shahidan & Hadi.

Terima kasih yang tak terhingga kepada saudara-mara yang telah memeriahkan majlis adik saya. Hanya tuhan saja yang dapat membalas jasa anda dan tak lupa juga kepada saudara-mara yang sanggup datang dari jauh.

Jutaan terima kasih juga kepada abah kami yang telah bersusah-susah kerana kami. Harap abah gembira.. Kami semua sayang abah.

Thanks & Regards,


I would also like to congratulate the couple - fariza & nadmin... fyi fariza is transferring to penang from kl due to follow her husband who is currently working in penang... lain kali kita buat outdoor yer, fariza.. kat jambatan ke.. kat tokong ular ke...hehehe

cheers! +++

Saturday, 3-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ the penang reception : zaino & yanie ++ 27th august '05 ++

this week we're here.. hunting down nasi kandar! hehehe
but first.. we had to be here...
for this lovely mrs zaino..
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hola all..

terlebey dahulu, i would like to humbly compose all my ten fingers (menyusun sepuluh jari.. ahahah ) to all my clients who must have been dying to see their pics poppin' up here. frankly speaking, i'm doing my best to churn out the albums and of course the pics to be uploaded here...

ok.. back to this entry..

on the 27th of august, it was zaino's family's turn to receive his new lovely wife's entourage from KT. the reception was held at lembaga tabung haji's multi-purpose hall ( the same venue as norjuma's ) and it was a splendid one. an all-male berzanji group complete with 'uniform' recited the marhaban in the hall before the event starts... and they are all veteran! hehe... after the marhaban/berzanji was over, then the bride and groom berarak masuk into the hall along with yanie's family from terengganu. soon after the merenjis ceremony and makan beradab, the couple changed attire in a flash for the cake cutting ceremony. wow.. the cake is TALL ok!

it was fortunate for the couple as tabung haji has a little but nicely kept garden next to the building. so we had the chance to snap some 'outdoor' shots before we called it a day... caught some curious little spectators as well! heheheh

to yanie & zaino... thanks a lot u guys! ur hospitality throughout the two weekends were superb and veeeery-veryyy much appreciated! looking forward to deliver your 'goods' soon! till then, enjoy the pics!!

Friday, 26-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ idayati & zahrylzam ++ 19th august ++ ampang ++

the bride...
was preparing...
for her happiest day...
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++ we meet 'people' at all sorts of places.. --> @ weddings ( like yours truly.. hahaha ), colleges, parties and not to forget, workplace! not just ordinary people, these 'people' eventually became our soulmates, the ones we will share the rest of our lives with.. hehehehe.. it's nice to see two individuals whom used to worked under one roof, now lives under one roof too! hehehe.. congratulations u guys!!!

to ida & zahryl, our heartiest congratulations, and may your future be bright and leads to a prosperous life...

cheers! ++

p h o t o g r a p h y b y : p a l i e

Tuesday, 23-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ from kaytee with love ++ zainoriza & suriani ++ bersanding ++

today.. preparation has been made..
for the king..
and the queen-of-the-day.. for their wedding..
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hi guys... its from kt again hehehe

the couple were celebrated dengan penuh meriah sekali at yanie's hometown on saturday, 20th august 2005. friends who came all the way from kl during akad nikah came again for the kenduri ( maybe to maximise the return for the fuel.. toll etc..so makan pun mesti 2x! ahaha just jokin guys ) ... neighbours, relatives and family friends, all came together in the spirit of celebrating the wedding knot that has been tied.

after the reception was over, it was time for some studio shots, using the backdrops and lighting i brought along. we had fun, and at the same time the whole family took the opportunity to have their pics taken in front of the backdops .even ada yang cakap maybe they should snap some mykad-standard photos using the backdrop for their keeps... hehehehe...

finally late petang the assignment was over and its time to find a place to spend the night at kt. well... its just over for the week and the week ahead is still awaiting me ...

me and effa would like to thank yanie and her kind family for their hospitality, it feels just like a family-thing assignment..hehehe . one thing tho', i really wished i could understand the meaning of the pantun during the merenjis.. hehehehe

p h o t o g r a p h e r : m i n

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