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By: min pretty peeks

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Tuesday, 12-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ antara klia dan jakarta.. kita jatuh cinta ++ part two ++

in a bird!
where someone was soooo excited to shop..(can u guess which 1? )
the ever popular teh botol!
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its a brand new day! good morning jakarta..gosh... tell me about early mornings! here, eventhough the clock only shows its just well past 6, the day is already like 8.00am! we left in the morning for a supposed to be window shopping at manggar dua.

we were told if we need to hail a cab, blue bird group's cabs are the safest. and so, we had our first experience with a blue bird. not bad. they're nicer and friendlier than our local cabbies i can say! we also had the first taste of jakarta's traffic congestion. fuh! dahsyat pak!!! we also had the opportunity to meet one of the sinetron 'Dia' 's actresses, by the name of Fifi. She was mobbed by us like nobody's business and I think she got the shock of her life! ( even our indonesian friends do not know she's a local actress! )

wish we could meet more of them!

Monday, 11-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ antara klia dan jakarta.. kita jatuh cinta ++ part one ++

at klia...
sempat lagi nak amik gambar ( macam tourist luar je! hahaha )
and here the five of us..
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not contented of having just a single honeymoon, me and effa took off again for our second honeymoon! hahaha.. no lah, it was just a simple vacation with friends… and it was quite nearby too.. jakarta! Hmm.. now I have time to find out why sheila majid was really impressed with Jakarta till she got a song with ‘jakarta’ in it..

our holiday in jakarta were very well taken care by hezra’s wonderful Indonesian friends: budi, cupi, aziz and angga ( did I missed anyone else? ). on the first night we touched down at soekarno hatta airport, we were already treated with one of jakarta’s well known delicacy – Nasi Goreng Gilak! Fuyooo… it was really delicious! ( Azra love it, especially on pronouncing the ‘Gilak’… haha ) But you really have to have it with Teh Botol by Sosro for the extra kick!

later we finally arrived at our apartment hotel, Menteng Prada.. ( quite a ‘branded’ hotel, huh? ) ahahaha.. funny lah the ‘prada’ thing. our apartment was next to the girls' apartment ( Hezra's sister's gang ) ... and ours was the smoke-free zone! hehehehe... luckily the room next door did not trigger the smoke-alarm-detector...

think that’s it for the first day ( or night in this case! )...

Wednesday, 6-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ somewhere in putrajaya ++

my driver.. muka mengantuk on sunday morning :P
so sampai je terus posing!
dan posing!
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thank goddd!!! at last our beloved fotopage is A ok again! fuh! finally ~~ i can upload all the pictures from this series completely! ... actually terbantut half way last week since fotopage tersedak-sedak ni.. hmmm..

this entry supposed to be uploaded last 2 weeks! hehehe...but due to unforeseen circumstances.. its only today the full set of pics can be uploaded... heheh.. actually im still a newbie in portraiture or personal snapshots like this, but i'll continue to improve myself, so please feel free to crit, ok? anyway, the actual product at the end of the day was the best part of this assignment. as shown in the last pic of this entry, the arrangement of several chosen pics was later transferred onto a 2 ft x 2 ft piece of canvas and later mounted onto wooden frame. it really became one of the best gift katik have ever gave to her beloved bf! ( she said it! ) hmmm.. not bad for all the pains running around putrajaya, kan katik? heheheh

well, for those who might interested in this type of photography, please feel free to enquire within by emailing your requests to prettypeektures@awandesign.com ( it reads pretty 'pictures' ! not anything else - ok? ahaha ). ok, back to work, hoped to upload some pics of the jakarta trip!

at first, when i came out wtih the idea of capturing myself in lenses, i had only wanted to snap like 10 simple pics and print it out. but when i heard the idea from effa & min who suggested for me to present the gift in a creative composition of pics pasted over a canvas, in other word a collage, i was like WOW.. i want it!

and of course... the end result is full of originality and expressiveness which really represents my love to my dude.. hehe.. pretty peektures really does stands on its name. min's pictures are PRETTY! thanks min & effa

Katik a.k.a. Ezreen

Thursday, 30-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ yuriny & norfadzilah ++ seri kembangan, serdang ++

sultan melaka, pening singgahsana belum siap...
bonda sultan.. pening tengok anakandanya pening...
while the rest..
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hola remy & zila! hola all!

actually.. this is an entry which is quite backdated... milliiiiiioooons of apologies to the pengantin! anyway, still pengantin baru riiitee hehehe...

this reception was held by yuriny's family at the family's residence in sri kembangan. it was made meriah especially by the families and relatives who attended ( it was really meriah, and if u dont trust me, look for the pic with the bus background! ), all came to celebrate the union of this happy couple.

congrats again & thank you remy and zila for making pretty peektures part of your happiest day of your lives! looking forward to share more happy moments with the two of u!

congrats & cheers!

Sunday, 26-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ where have i been? ++

i'm baaack!!

thousands of apologies for those who had left voice messages, smses, emails etc enquiring PP's services while I'm away. your enquiries are highly appreciated and shall be given top priority to be attended to. i will get back to all of you as soon as possible, ok!

as i am all excited to upload the pics here, too bad me and my wife were sick as soon as we arrived back in KL, with doctors suspecting it was due to food-poisoning.. so.. only today ( wednesday ) i could gather enough energy to switch on my powerbook to put up an entry... ( sekarang pun feels like my head is spinning around! gosh! )

to the jakarta-trip boys and gurls, watch out this page as I will upload our pics in jakarta soon!


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