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By: min pretty peeks

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Tuesday, 4-Mar-2008 07:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark


* baby azril was 2 months old when i took this shot. azril is 15 months plus now

found this pic masa korek2 gambar masa azril was just 2-3 months old. heheheh... terus buat promo material cikimiki. tenkiu je azril! nanti papa bayar royalti ok! hehehe

and thank you to mama too, for giving me such a cute boy! thanks ma! kekekek

Happy Anniversary!!! hehehe

Tuesday, 4-Mar-2008 05:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ wow.. its already 3 YEARS?? +

tup tap tup tap ( clock ticking la konon )... kejap je dah 3 years! hehehe

eventhough it has already been 3 years since i uttered " aku terima nikah ..... ", it feels like, well, not yesterday lah ( mcm tipu je aklau yesterday ), quite recently when it all happened...


and life has never been the same. kekekek. thank you, ma for accepting me in your life. hehehe.. oklah. enough jiwang. back to work..

luv yaaa ma !!!!

Wednesday, 20-Feb-2008 09:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ first assignment : cikimiki photography +

zubye & me
masing2 with angles masing2
zubye in front, as the main photographer
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cikimiki is a brainchild of me & effa, when we were berjalan-jalan at one utama, pj a few weeks back. we suddenly thought of establishing something, a style, a fad, a crave maybe, for beautiful artistically taken kids portraits. forget the boring studio shots, forget the fake clouds or trees and best of all, the ridiculous props and those other craps you can find at any kedai gambar cina. here comes a new, trendy, stylish & modern look of kids photography, by CIKIMIKI!!!

why cikimiki?

maybe because our dearest son, azril is very very cheeky and mickey mouse ( here is miki ) is a very well known character among kids ( to associate this brand with kids-kind-of-things ) and it also rhymes too with cheeky. hence cikimiki!! hehehe

please do support yea! we really hope this new venture we're about to embark will get a positive from the public, amin.

please do visit us often at www.cikimiki.com ok! you can also visit cikimiki on fotopages @ http://cikimiki.fotopages.com

Tuesday, 19-Feb-2008 05:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ congrats to Un & Faezah +

sempat pose .. hehehe
mama & azril.. at the make-up boutique..
mama & papa.. err ..(fat) papa.. hahaha

+ last weekend was a quiet weekend for pretty peektures. took the rare opportunity to attend one of my ex-schoolmates' wedding reception in bandar baru bangi.. +

+ congrats to Un & Faezah!! +

Saturday, 16-Feb-2008 22:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ iklan.. hahaha +

+ it is important to book your photographers as soon as possible. even though sometimes the date for the big day is difficult to be finalized in a year's time or less, photography should be tops in your checklist. 8 to 12 months in advance for booking is highly recommended. these hardworking men and women whom you shall hire are the ones who will immortalize the most important day of your lives. and not to forget, wedding photography is such a grueling job by nature! ( have you seen some of these photographers, running here and there, climbing chairs and ladders or lying down on the tarmac or on the floor..all JUST to get the perfect shot? yeah! we do that! ) hehehe.. so it is vital to get the photographer that you can trust and know its capability to handle your big day.. +

+ recently we had received many requests for bookings but unfortunately we had to turned them down as the dates overlapped with our confirmed bookings we already have. although we do refer them to some of our associates, but for those who have followed PP's growth since Norzie & Aidid's wedding, more less, i think they must be quite distraught for not able to hire us, all because of late bookings. sorry guys, there's nothing much i can do... +

+ just to be on the safe side, book us early! +

+ cheers! +

+ m i n +
office : +6013 670 1890 / + 603 5622 1192
effa : +6012 338 6867

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