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Wednesday, 11-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ PART 4 & 5 ++ Norzie Pak Wan Chek & Aidid Marcello Azahari ++

huh.. min nak amik gmbar aku.. kontroolll..
the happy bride...
for majalah4 kott...
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And so... the akad nikah pun berjalanlaah...

0.05 secs ! That's how long aidid took to lafaz akad nikah. Wow... I'm impressed! Hehehe

Soon after, there were merenjis ceremony followed by photography session. Press conference was also held in the room. The whole majlis ended around 8.15 pm.

Hoped you enjoy all the pics I featured here. Pls feel free to comment. Looking forward to snap many more at the sri pentas reception this upcoming saturday...


Tuesday, 10-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ PART 3 ++ Norzie Pak Wan Chek & Aidid Marcello Azahari ++

gezal mihat anyone?
uncle, saya ade style pengacara tv3 tak?
eleh, qail pun ada laaa.. tunggu jap nak pakai seluar
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As the clock ticked away, it was time for the akad nikah. The cheerful bride was ushered down towards the bilik perdana 1 for the akad nikah ceremony and all of us mengekor aje lah pengantin turun ke bawah. Since the lift was quite small, the rest of us turun using the staircase. I managed to run downstairs ( thanks celeb. fitness! ahaha ) and still on time to capture the happy bride smiling as soon as the door lift opens! Yahoo... Hehehe

And so, the bride pun walked into the akad nikah hall taking her place...... { to be continued in part 4&5 } hehehe

Monday, 9-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ PART 2 ++ Norzie Pak Wan Chek & Aidid Marcello Azahari ++

Betul ke kat bilik ni?...
haa... ade aidid! betol la nii..
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While downstairs, at level B, Aidid & company were already waiting...

Sunday, 8-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ PART 1 ++ Norzie Pak Wan Chek & Aidid Marcello Azahari ++

disinilah segala-galanya akan termeterai...
yeps.. i'm at the right place! heheh
adekah pengantin berada di bilik ini?
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it was a breezy thursday afternoon, and the kemeriahan was very much felt i should say. the air was definitely filled with love and joy, as the two most celebrated personality in sri pentas tv3 were about to be united under a sacred vow, the akad nikah.

the event was witnessed by close families and friends from both parties, and like any other celebrity functions, swarmed by journalists and photographers from all sorts of dailies and medias. azminnur photography was lucky to be handpicked by norzie to capture their precious moments on the auspicious day for their keeps. thank you very much jojie!

here are some of the pics throughout the majlis akad nikah which were able to be captured. to aidid & jojie, hoped you will cherish them, and for the album, it will arrive soon!

azminnur will be more than delighted for the invitation to their joint-reception which will be held in sri pentas, tv3 this upcoming weekend. for you guys out there, stay tuned for more pics on their reception ok!

congratulations again to jojie and aidid!

p/s : there shall be 5 parts altogether. coming soon --> part 3,4 & 5 ! stay tuned!

Saturday, 7-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ 7th may 2005 ++ mimi & didi ++

its a wonderful day in taman paroi jaya...

the bride, mimi, is one of my wife's best friends since her stf school days. so, since effa took the duty of pengapit, well, i thot why not i lift my finger to click away while i'm there. the complete pics are still being sorted out... though, so stay tuned!

to mimi and didi, sorry ler, but your pics are reaaallly coming soon here!

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