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By: min pretty peeks

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Thursday, 7-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ book cover design for jahabersa ++

designed for awan design (www.awandesign.com) :)
a book cover for Penerbitan Jahabersa, Singapore which will be published this month. Notice the pic from the tahlil at rumah pak mat?

Thursday, 31-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ 24th feb 2005 :: mutiara damansara, pj ++

semayang maghrib dulu..
as the charcoal burns away
woops.. bab makan2 dah over.. dah masuk miting :P
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Actually this Ôdoa selamatÕ was held in Mutiara Damansara a week before my akad nikah É it was also doubled as my family's meeting for the kenduri. Held at Pak MatÕs house, I think we made the KL haze worst with our barbecueÕs asap! Ahahaha.. anyway, thanks Pak Mat for the hospitality!

The doa selamat had many splendid moments.. enticing me to keep clicking away but since duty called ( which is mengipas ayam et cetera ), I could only imagine them being captured. Hahaha.. so the morale of the story, if youÕre going to have any memorable events held like Ôdoa selamatÕ or any other majlis which in conjunction with your wedding, do capture them in photos! ItÕs great to actually see all your family members assemble together, discussing the preparation of the kenduri just for you! And for those who would like to go the extra mile and have them captured in style, contact a wedding photographer you know to get it done for you! ( Ehem! Ehem! ) Trust me, itÕs worth it!


Friday, 11-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ 5th march 2005 :: dewan perdana rri, sg buloh ++

hantaran by primapersona :) {http://www.primapersona.com.my}
keris, tengkolok dah siappp
kereta by my big bro pon dah siappp
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these might be the only pictures i could upload before i'm going off for my honeymoon.. hihihihi.. the rest, nanti la ye, after i come back by the end of this month, i'll upload more.. hehehe..

i would also like to announce that azminnur will be operating a mini gallery cum studio kat damansara damai. insyaallah it will go full swing somewhere in april.. buleh le preview many, many, many photo albums there AND, for any future pengantins, u can have preview shots taken of u and ur future hubby/wife kat studio tu. hehehe. bukan ape, buleh le tengok-tengok, cantik ke tak gambar kitorang amik nanti, ye tak? hehehe... free of charge! i will also share the space dengan primapersona collections ( wedding planner, gubahan hantaran ) and nabilah, the talented make-up artist

so, after i'll comeback from honeymoon, work on the studio will resume and hopefully can start operating on time. to shima cousinku cum videographerku, buley le bawak-bawak ehem-ehem tu datang and test kitorang nyer studio kecil-kecilan ni... hehehehehe to rashid, nice pics,.. keep on shooting ok!

till end of this month... babai!!!

Monday, 7-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ Azmin & Nur (effa) ++ 4th, 5th and 6th March 2005 ++

ALHAMDULLILLAH! no other words can describe how relieved and thankful i am right now! hahaha.. after many weeks of planning and running about preparing for the big day, it's finally through, and i am very very veeeryy thankful to the Almighty for everything went smoothly ( there were hiccups here and there, but.. hey! its ok! ) from the start to the end. now, azmin & nur are finally united ( not just the names anymore! hahaah ) and insyaallah together we will offer more quality and pleasant photography services in the future.

luv 'ya baby!

trillion of thanks goes to mak, ayah, yong & abg asmawi, abglan & kak irma, kaklin & abg kamil, cumai, caimak, cipak ( my 3 stooges anak buah ), all my toks, paks and maks, my cousins and allllll who were there, helping out on my big day and made it an unforgettable one!. also , thanks to saifulnang for his brilliant and cheeky moves, glad u're the one who captured our magical weekend! hehehe.. last but not least, my apprentice cum associate rashid, thanks for willing to shoot and learn while you're on it.. hehehe.. so for you guys, i will be back from honeymoon only by the end of march, so could only upload a few pics for now... i'll try to upload heaps of our wedding pics soon... till then, babai!

Monday, 28-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ My Turn to Take Time Off! Yahuuu ++

My invitation card..beautifully designed by awandesign.com(haha)
Raining at my apartment..in my deep thots..1 week before wedding
It's raining heavily.. bye-bye haze! hehehe...
Well, i guess everyone (for us muslims) will shake that wali or tok kadi hand to say " aku terima nikah... " ... well.. so do i. Hehehe... Alhamdulillah after 5 years courting her, I will settle down with 'the one' of mine, Sharifah Nurzaida ( hence the Azmin'nur' ) ... ceremonies will be held this coming 4th of march (akad nikah), 5th ( Effa's reception ) and 6th ( my reception )... With that, I would like to apologize to all of you guys, my faithful future-clients, whom would like me to capture their magical moments this coming march because I had to turn them down ... ( well... this time its MY magical moments! ahaha ).. InsyaAllah the ceremonies will be covered by one of my associates, Rashid. Would like to see more of our wedding? Stay tune to this page ok... Last but not least, hoped you guys will pray for us and to you Sharifah Nurzaida, luv u so much, and thanks for being my partner in Azmin+Nur and most importantly... a partner of my life....

p/s: Saiful Nang will cover the akad nikah, on behalf of Effa. Ko amik cun-cun ek! Aku tau ko mmg terer! Hehehe... Cayalah!

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