+ grass on the other side is always greener +

By: min pretty peeks

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Wednesday, 16-Jan-2008 22:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ 4 weeks late +

+ dah more than a month since i last updated this page. hmmm.. rasanya nak start balik updating lah. actually there's a good reason why i was quite quiet for the past 1 month but due to some other reasons, i might as well just keep it to myself & my family and to a handful of people who knew why and just keep on going with life.. heheh +

+ this pic during the recent raya korban was taken in perlis, my wife's family hometown up north in perlis. arau to be exact. 2 cows were slaughtered that day. yours truly was assigned to one of the cows ( well, this one! hehehe ) and for the first time, i got the first-hand experience of doing korban. ( eventhough i arrived late! hahaha ) +

Monday, 10-Dec-2007 21:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ hot mama ber-art-clubbing + heheheh


+ last month, our friend jue & irwan came back for a short holiday from dublin, ireland.. it was at their place me & effa crashed last time when we were in dublin last year ( tQ tQ tQ guys! ) and recently before they fly back, they managed to spend a couple of hours ber-art-clubbing! yeayy!! +

+ don't remember which one are they? OK, click here! hehehehe. remember them now? heheheh +

+ it was fun shooting this family, especially when doing haikal & azril's shots... jenuh nak buat diorang duduk senyap even just for a few secs! phew! these few peeks are for "hot mamas" entry, featuring wifey, effa & jue. soon, there will be the "hot & handsome juniors" and lastly but not least, the " hot hubbies!" wakakakak ( yeahh riteee!!! ) +

+ anyway, happy viewing folks! more shots can be viewed HERE ! +

Thursday, 6-Dec-2007 18:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ azril's first besday bash! part 2 +

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+ and these peeks pulak were taken by none other than PP's senior, senior, senior photographer, Johan! kekeke... ( dont ask me why there's '3' senior... ).. +

+ thanks bro! +

+ more photos by johan can be viewed here! +

Thursday, 6-Dec-2007 05:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ azril's first besday bash! +

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( besday card designed by papa.. hahah )

+ after days ( if not weeks! ) of preparation, finally its the time me & effa were waiting for! azril's first birthday bash! +

+ azril's birthday fell on 27th november but since 27th november was on tuesday, we had to delay the party till saturday, 1st of december. papa had to turn down several jobs so that azril's party can go on WITH papa! huray! hehehehe +

+ we planned it to be just a small function and it was a small function indeed. kekeke.. attended by azril's aunties, uncles, cousins & papa's friends & clients, azril got so many presents mama & papa had to hide some of them from azril to avoid our house changed to a toys'r'us in a blink of an eye. thank u all for the wonderful presents!!! +

+ here are some peeks taken by shidy & rashid on that day... happy viewing! +

Wednesday, 28-Nov-2007 18:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
+ congratulations amin faizal aka pejal!!! +

+ hehehe.. actually the ceremony was held right after raya. in fact this was the first assignment for me after the long break during puasa. phew! pejal i know is a very soft spoken person, cool and i think among our team of peektugraphers, the quietest! some of our clients ada yg wondering, did he really took the shot or did he not? should i wait for him to kira or he already kira senyap-senyap and snapped?

akakaka.. rest assured, his voice might be non-existence but his eyes and shutter-triggering fingers are totally opposite! not to mention the ever flowing creativity! hehehe. some of his work can be seen at http://pejals.fotopages.com +

+ congrats pejal & lien !! and soon, welcome to the club! +

+ m i n +

photo shot by me, edited by mr pengantin-to-be.. hehehe

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