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Tuesday, 26-Dec-2006 16:15 Email | Share | Bookmark
+ azril's first haircut! hehehe +

this is the tool of the day
and ni pulak.. baby of the day
dont waaaaannttt
tidakkkk.. i dont want to be botaaakk
pepehal pon, rasuah dulu.. hehehe
papa, nervous tuuu nak shave azril jap lagi
azril's cousin didi, sempat lagi bagi words of encouragement
time to potonggggg
yah! yah! yah!
papa dah pancit, terus pass to azril's tok sedara
mama nak join jugaakkk
sikitttt laaggiiiii
more cousins came to support! shumayl, syaima & syifa'
oh nooooo!!!!
im botaakkkk
cute fingers i have..
and cute papa i have too! ( kakaka.. perasan! )
rasuah time againnnn
mama & son
malam,.. & azril demam ckit... ciann
as defined by a local site, TM Travel & Tours :

"A Traditional Malay Ceremony celebrated for the new born baby.

This occasion is celebrated by Malay Community whereby a newly born baby born will celebrate on the 7th. day of birth with a "Kendury" of "Aqiqah" . In this celebration if the baby is a boy, 2 goats will be cut while only one goat for a baby girl. In that ceremony the parents of the baby will invite all neighbors from the village depending on the status of the family for Custom recital and sumptuous feast.

The peak of the celebration is whereby the baby will be pass from one person to another in their arm cradled cutely in the big circle and the baby will be sprinkled with holy water with "bunga rampai" , a certain portion of the baby's hair will be cut (cukur Jambul) and the baby's mouth with be sprinkled with holy water and sweet / sour / salty food as symbol of knowing and experiencing the new life.

While the above occasion is taking place, there will be a singing of " Marhaban" (Custom recitals).

After that, all invited guests will be invited for brunch or high tea and these guests will be given "Bunga Telur "as a gift while leaving the occasion. "

2 weeks after his birth, my in-law's family decided to do the cukur jambul ceremony and aqiqah on the same day. in my case, it was 2 goats alright and there's no 'certain portion' of the hair that will be cut, in fact all of them were cut! ( according to sunnah ). and as in sunnah, only the cutting of the baby's hair is highly emphasized and important. thus, that was the only thing that azril went through for the day. hehehe quite nervous though, especially when the scalp is soooooooo lembut. adoi...!

alhamdulillah azril has become kojak jr, but tiny hair are fast appearing. now he's not so kojak anymore. hahaha

here are some of the peeks..

p/s : do u know pretty peektures also has 'cukur jambul' photography package beginning this year?. eventhough it was not so publicized, we have managed to do several. will try to upload the peeks too! hehehe .

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