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Monday, 22-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
++ from kaytee with love ++ zainoriza & suriani ++ akad nikah ++

last weekend i was here...
at this beautiful house...
climbed up this stairs
and finally reached the pengantin's room! hehehe
while kawan-kawan looked on..
yanie got her make-up done..
"belum done lagi miiiinn.. tapi amik je laaahh" hehehe
ada TVT videographer in action ( TV-Terengganu.. hehehe )
jejaka ketat kesepian: aweks! sila hubungi : 019-355xxxx... hehe
the room is well decorated..
not to forget the side table.. ready for the first nite :P
frens still setia menunggu the pengantin to get ready
for her happiest moment of her life...
eh eh.. wifey pun buat joke...
dan disambut dgn gelak ketawa.. except ada sorang kat hujung tu.
baju by amin jauhary dah readdyyyy
woop.. yanie dah transform baju dah pun...
wifey, pengikut setia photographer ke mana saja.. thx hon! heheh
almostttt theerreee...
aiseh..saspen laa..
bila laaa turn aku ni :P
ok min..cepatt... nak stat dahhh..
ok tak? ok tak?
my turrnn!!! hehehe
final stage interview.. heheh
tok kadhi finalizing some detailsss..
and asking for the bride's permission...
mestilah agree tok kadhi.. fiance hensem sapa tanak.. hehehe
abang cum pemantun ( wait till u see my next entry! hahaha )
TVT in action again...
another abang...(donno how to describe what he's doin'..hahaah)
waiting for the final moment...
tok kadhi meneruskan tanggungjawabnya...
while groom mcm blank je.. heheheh
from both sides are anxiously waiting...
for the tok kadhi to finish his khutbah..
tok kadhi ni mcm penah nampak la kat KL.. hehehe
adeehh.. banyok lagi ni nok bace neiii.. mu dok situ baik2 yeerr
wah, cameraman looking this way! contrrooll!!!!
hensemnya baju merah tu, tapi apsal nama skip-skib-skit?
pssstt!!! bridesmaid mana buleh tido wuittss
ibu pengantin perempuan, pn hajjah hindon
dan kakak-kakak, menunggu saat menerima ahli baru...
wokehhh!!! buleh staattt..
aku nikahkan dikau...
fuh... selamaaattt
hehehhe.. i'm taken now! :P
match kan kitorang? heheheh
mmg matcchhh..
mattcchhh bangattt!!!
the happy bride...
with friends, who travelled all the way from kl
eh yang.. songkok i ok ke?
hehek.. lawaknya songkok abg ipar aku
pose satu round..
and tukar baju satu round...
yang, bila min nak balik ni.. penat dah ni.. ahahha
ok min .. smbung besok k? panas ni dok depan softbox ko ni..hehe

at a land where turtles called it home and the pasar ( ~ payang ) crowd beats one utama, a wonderful wedding knot have been tied last weekend between zainoriza and suriani, one hailed from this very land of the turtles ( not including ninja turtles ) and another from the 'pearl of the orient'. eventhough parted by the 'banjaran titiwangsa' or the backbone of the peninsular ( wahh.. i scored geog la in school. akaka ), there's no boundary when it comes to love and its during the student days in mmu ( or then unitel ) when they first met...

it was such a beautiful sight to behold, especially when the bride's thirteen siblings ( yes, that's 1-3 ) busy helping around and entertaining the guests while the tireless nephews and nieces running here and there...it was such a great family gathering ...

congrats again guys...and a million thanks for the hospitality too. see u guys again next week in penang ok!


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