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By: min pretty peeks

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Tuesday, 27-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
+ farhanah datuk abu sujak & bucqharri mohd yusof| 9th sept 05 +

knock! knock! hehehe
the photographer went straight to work..
for this lovely couple..
this time...
in a hotel, --shah alam
while the bride is getting touched up
yours truly had to leave this lovely room..
and came down here...
to have a look..
of what has been prepared..
for the guests (fyi:d cards r all designed by d bride hrself) :P
of all sorts..
are all ready for the guests..
even the ingredients for merenjis..
and all the tables for makan2 later on..
are nicely done..
just waiting for the king-and-queen-of-the-day to arrive :)
tapi kingnya belum siap...
walaupun queennya dah ready
dan sempat bergambar2
while the king is getting ready...
uncle... amik gambar kitorang uncleee..
ok jeee.. smile everyoonnee!!!
yela yela.. tak tunggu iii.. isk isk..
eleh.. tulah! sape suruh siap lambat.. main2 hp lagi tadi!
dah dah.. diorang ni asyik gado je kan?
maneder gado laa.. main2 jeee
hehe.. "aku-sebuah-kipas-siling" shot.. :P
uncle.. boring ahh.. jum amik gambar lagi?
eh far.. sape yg pengantin hari ni.. dia lak lebih2 kan? hehehe
yeay! king dah siap..
tapi dia boring.. takde sape nak pose beramai2 dgn dia.. hehehe
mane taknye, org2 nak berposing semuanya kehausannn...
dan masa nya pun tiba...
for the couple..
and her family...
masuk for upacara bersanding & merenjis
dengan diapit..
oleh adik2..
wah.. bila mahu start dinner niii.. perut dah bunyiii
bunyi perut tu kalau buleh control sikit yeer.. excuse me!
macam2 lah diorang nii.. hehehe
bucqharri luv farhanah
the cake cutting ceremony...awaitsss..
but first, ada intro from sis najihah and later on...
ada slide show!
guests were impressed
the bride's father, delivering his speech..
to thank all the families and friend who helped out...
and for the visitors for the turn up
time to ccuuuttt cake!
the happy couple
and happy guests
are all..
just simply happy...
including the bride's dad & his guests...
thank u for coming!
the girlssss... anyone interested for their numbers? hehehe
penat berdiri salam dgn guests miiinn!!
kakak --najihah baruuu nak rilek.. penat gile!
and the big family...
far.. cepat aa balingg!!
yeah!! its mine! its mine!
i punya lah! tepi-tepi, i punya lak! yah yah yah
yahoo its mine...!
oklah min, thanks yer.. c yah next week! heheh
+ it was a fine evening in shah alam where the lovely couple, bucqharri + farhanah were celebrated at the concorde's grand ballroom in front of many-many relatives + friends. believe it or not, the pelamin and the grand ballroom's deco were imported all the way from batu pahat and for the dinner's menu, there was one or two dishes cooked by datuk abu sujak himself! i must tell u, i can't be more impressed with this 'cooking datuk'. hehehe

during datuk abu sujak's speech after the dinner, he managed to throw a few lines of wisdom as advice to his daughter and his new-son-in-law. who else could do it none other than the father himself, isn't it? i just wished i remember any of the advices that evening so that i can share it with u guys here. ( radin! pls view your video and help me here! hehehe )

anyways, congrats again guys.. looks like its down to the SUK reception to be uploaded ey? btw, i had a great fun photographing u guys! hoping to collaborate more in the future....



heh, first time baca comment-comment viewers ni.. hehehe, segan plak saya ramai orang tengok gamba2 ni...terasa cam artist!! hehehe.. n'way thank u so much min for all these wonderful captures...sonok nak tunjuk anak cucu gamba camni,lawa2... and for those yang puji2 bride lawa tu.. nak phone no kak ika makeup artist?? because of her touch lah saya tak nampak comot cam slalu... ++ farhanah++

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