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By: min pretty peeks

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Tuesday, 18-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
+ effirul & hasniza | 24th september +

a formula i hate :( ahahaha
just in time to snap this <click!>
dan hero ini..
telah selamat diijabkabulkan dengan heroinnya..
and everything have already being written down..
with the consent of the wali..
beliau pun membacakan lafaz takliqnya..
..dan didengar dengan penuh terharu..
hehehe... kelakar la kenit buat muka serius..
hmm.. ape lagi ni.. x abis lagi ke..
cepat la sikit tok imam oi..
skreet! skreeeet! skreet! ( bunyi pen atas kertas.. heheeh )
as they're now..
husband and wife!
sempat lagi gossip tu!
blessings from a mom...
a happy mom, that is...
who isn't? especially when her son got married today..
sedapnya kek tuuu.. hmmmm
the green-lovers club
while outside.. an event he loved most..
makann!! hhehe
en ramlan, groom's father..
eh, i thot i takes 9 month to ...
cepatnyer yg ni... he he he
cousins and frens.. attending
but yg ni taken.. sorry folks!
self service groom.. hehhehe
atok... "takde sape ke nak snap gambar dgn aku?"
korang bawak hadiah ke tak? kalau takkk...
we're one now...
and alllll smiillleess...
me + wifey sempat menyibukk..
while in the room..
the bed is set
and ...
the decos..
dah cun dah...
arranged for the bride + groom..
dari luar, kedengaran gegak gempita...
rupanya the groom's MIT frens..
were snapping away.. ( and bursting at the same time )
from the groom with luv...
in the room..
siot..ramai plak yg tgk..-takpe kenit..imagine aku invi, hehehe
wah, nak join buleh... hehehe
we're off to sutton soon!!!
as a couple...
as a happy...
loving couple...
eh- ade lagi yg nak joinn.. hehehe. tapi dia segan2 sikit...
pretty peek's CFO, mrs min
"sorry folks?"-aweks just now? haa, tis is da man laa!! huhuhu
cousin.. tumpang sekaki posing kat bilik.. hehehe
wopp wopp.. tunggu!
che akam, lu bila lagi... "SING masih memerlukan gua beb.. huhu"
my ex-pengapits and their wife & gf
ok la wey.. balik aa
kitorang nak sambung kat bilik... huhuhu
oklah.. thanks to u guys too!!! chow..

+ it was an unofficial assignment for pretty peektures. however, despite the 'unofficial-ness', i tried to come early, as i would like to have the best moments captured for their keeps. eventhough the groom informed earlier he will only be arriving at the bride's house @ semenyih by 11am, it's already akad nikah by the time we arrived at 11am! thus, this entry starts when the akad nikah had already started... <sigh!>

the couple met when both were students at MIT back then ( that's UiTM in BM ) and effirul a.k.a mr kenit a.k.a mike ( wooo.. mr michael jordaannnn ) is one of my best buds back from the college days as well as my pengapit along with mr ayuz. reminiscing back the gud ol' 'koleq' days, he's the only one who could reach the class by 7am ( school starts at 7.40am while many of us would only wake up at 7.15am! .. so its quite incredible to reach class by 7! ), one of the best long distance runners for Ahmad House and one of the most creative minds at koleq's Art Club ( he's the '97 president.. Mindfunk, Funjunk, Artstuff ya'all!!! hahahaha ). in short, there were sooo many unforgettable moments back then. hehehe

kenit and jaja organized their simple wedding just in time and quite in a short notice 'coz both of them are leaving for Southampton after raya. to kenit + jaja.. from me + effa, we would like to wish u guys all the best and congrats again! may ur life full of happiness and success always..

cheers! +

+ min & effa ( AZMIN + NURzaida ) +

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