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Wednesday, 19-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
+ effirul & hasniza | 25th september +

here we are @ klang!
and stret away greeted by the happy couple themselves! hehehe
totoq.. mana pegii.. lama x nampakk...
not only budak koleq were here.. budak2 STF pn ada, sibukje haha
while the couple..
busy...entertaining the guests..
dengan penuh kepenatan...
we're having great lunch! nyum! nyum! hehehe
siot ayuz dah tambah 3x. patut aaa suka sgt!
aha! this is the official photog of the day sdg beraksi!
gua tak kisah yalis. asal gua nampak ensem sudahh...
raja kota singa.. berpura2 mendengar...
padahal dalam hati.. dah sampai Queensway! hehehe
kenit's 'new housemate' talking to the 'old' housemate. hehehe
budak2 ni.. gelak ketawa kuat sungguh...
pss.. jum balik..nak tambah second round takde can aaa..
totoq berangan..
the ladies.. 2 down.. 1 to go :P
yahh.. gebang dah mula dahh..
dasat kan diorang punye volume...
meba pulak berpura2 konsentret.. hehehe
apa yang kelakar sungguh ni?
eh eh.. ade awek pandang aku ler.. heheh
raja gebang eastwing sedang beraksi...
ok.. amik chun chun ekkk...
ler.. apsal tak lawa poonn.. ishk.. apela fren of big & small ni
ok guys! one for the album.. 1,2.. gebangg!!!
+ It was kenit's side to host the reception. again, i'm no official, so i was just creeping here and there for the day.. it was great fun to hear the 'gebangan' or 'big talk' again by the groom, since that what made him famous those days. ahahaha.. u can see at the end of this entry whereby he already started a 'port' and ber'gebang' all the way. ahahaha..

simply missed the ol' times, though...

btw... here are the pics. i'm sorry as not many were taken on that day.. maybe becoz i'm simply enjoying the pleasure of being JUST an ordinary guest of a kenduri .. which, is quite hard to come by.. hehehhe

cheers! +

+ m i n +

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