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By: min pretty peeks

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+ omar & ida + Hilton PJ + 14.11.2005 +

tonight.. here...
a couple...
is getting prepared for an event..
which is going to be held here...
on this pelamin..
at this cake..
at this.. err... ape ek..
under this lovely .. er... bunga?
under the light of this chandelier..
where the couple will be greeted
by VIPs...
and more VIPs..
for a dinner...
joined by families..
trouble finding your seats? allow these luvly ladies to help u!
the family.. welcoming guests..
with a biiggg smile!
meanwhile upstairs... the heroine is about to get ready..
with the bridesmaid looks on.. ( sempat pose lagi.. ahaha )
over kan dia min?
i'm all readyy!!
let's jumm!!!
hold on! have to wait for their cue!
ok.. we're ready!
tenkiu for coming! tenkiu for coming!
wah.. the pengapits got up first eh? lawan tokey ehh..
ladies first...
dan mereka pun selamat disandingkan..
dan didoakan..
semoga bahagia..
selalu hendaknya..
our emcee of the night! mr sabri yunus!
and they were 'renjis-ed'.. ( heheh )
and blessed..
by the parents..
while others witnessed... with smiles..
and later..
it's time for dinner!
wah! ingat nak merenjis sampai pukul 12! perut dah menyanyi ni!
and a slideshow was played..
to the much exhilarated..
mrs ida
and mr omar..
and company... :)
eh B, is that ur ex-BF? nantilah dia, i ada keris ni!! heehehe
uncle.. come-lah let me introduce u to my fren here!
the speech..
for the celebrated couple..
yah! yah! we will cut one by one min! make sure u tangkap gmbar!
eh eh! auntttiiiee!!! long time no seee!!!!
thank u...
for cominggg!!!
laaa. tak bawak hadiah ke? xpe.. u can mail it to us!
excuse me, betul ke i terdengar u bawak hadiah besar gile??
its hot here.. and i want to make it rain!
hello fren! its working already! please stop or it will banjir!!
eh.. no one ke nak snap gambar dgn kite?
kami nakkk!!! hehehehe
phew.. penat B? come i lap...
min.. snap this...
hehehe.. we're so tak larat lagi ok...
pose camni buleh tak min..
we're in LLUUVVV...
+ after the reception by tn hj mansor's family, it was Dato' Azman and Datin Azizah's turn to hold the reception for the newly weds. the reception took place at the Kristal Ballroom, Hilton, PJ...

it was fun to see when the event was not only enjoyed by the couple's friends, but friends of the groom's parents as well, especially old friends from Royal Military College ( RMC ) and SMSAH. ... 'wan ismail golok' was the MC of the evening and he truly made the evening livelier with his witty jokes and all. when the time for speech by Dato' Azman, i was amazed by the messages from a father and father-in-law to his son and his daughter-in-law.... well, if you follow the advises given by him, insya-allah your marriage would never go wrong! hehehe

to ida & omar, thank you for having us. we are most honoured to be there to capture your wonderful moments.. from all of us at prettypeektures... semoga berkekalan ke anak cucu u guys!!

cheers! +

+ event's date : monday, 14th nov. 2005
+ venue : pj hilton
+ peektugrapher : min & rashid
+ make-up artist : andrew tan - 012 233 7972

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