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By: min pretty peeks

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Sunday, 8-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
+EXCLUSIVE: Alyea Nai Lina bt Aidid Marcello +

waaaa!!!... eh eh.. can hear from here?
the cute alyea..
and the proud papa..
and mama..
make up a grrreatt happy family!
alhamdulillah it all went well..
tunjuk skill tidurkan anak...
bagi hensem sikit .. aidid kata...
can't take my eyes..
off you...
senget pulak cap dia...
ada gaya 'papa' ka ni... heheh
the tired mama..
ada iras-iras muka aku tak min? :D
ok.. cepat! make some nooiiisse..
eh eh.. mama ni..
main sepit2 idung lak...
papa.. sempat buatkan air mama.. hehehe
cepattt!!! nangisss!!!
hehehe.. ok! the plane is gonna land now!
is that a tahi lalat like mine or...
hmm.. nak kena make sure tu tahi lalat tu..
ziad temankan yeye tau!
nak make sure jugak...
whether his precious aaliyah got the same tahi lalat..
as his... alamak! bukan tahi lalat la! akakaka
my baby gurllll...
whom i've carried..
for 9 months...
alhamdulillah selamat dilahirkan ...
bole masuk stf cam mama nanti ni.. hehehe
luv ya alyea...
sleep like a baby...alyea was, as we left.. congrats guys!
+ Alyea Nai Lina bt Aidid Marcello, that's the beautiful name chosen for the newly-born princess to TV3's most celebrated couple, Aidid Marcello Azahari & Norzie Pak Wan Chek, whom have been solemnized on the 5th of May last year. Safely delivered through normal procedures at 5.48pm on Saturday, 7th Jan, the healthy baby girl weighs 2.75 kg with the length of 50cm. Norzie appeared tired due to the delivery while Aidid seemed extremely happy as he just couldn't stop himself from smiling. Hehehe... Now it looks like Norzie get what she always wanted... a cute baby gurl for her to dress up and all!

To the happy couple... congrats from all of us at pretty peektures! +

+ cheers! +

thanks everyone for all your well wishes. I am truly happy to be a mother. I never thought I could love another human being like this. Yang paling best tengok my baby sebijik muka my beloved husband. It just makes my life complete. BTW, nama baby dah ditukar to Alyea Nai Lina atas rujukan alim ulama... bermaksud ketinggian cita-cita ibubapa tercapai. .. . Anyway, thanks Min for the lovely photos... and all of you again!

Fri 27-Jan-2006 05:23
Posted by:Norzie Pak Wan Chek

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